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Get ready for a new way to navigate Microsoft Partnerships!

Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program

Explore CaddieSwift - Your Always-Available Microsoft Partner Assistant!

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by changes and management in the Microsoft Partner Program? Long response time from your distributor or Microsoft, complicated support routines, no one with dedicated responsibility? Want an easier way to navigate the Partner Center and maximize the benefits of being a Microsoft Partner?

Then we can help!

What Is CaddieSwift?

CaddieSwift is a proactive, digital “always-on assistant” that will revolutionize the way you interact with and manage the Microsoft Partner Program.

With CaddySwift you get

Proactive updates in Real Time

Guided Navigation

Onboarding Support

Automated Partner Status Management

Optimal Benefit

Advantages for your company

Control and Overview

Insight into Use


Cutting- Edge Softwear

Combines advanced features, cloud-based computing, and AI- driven guidance to deliver an unparalleled experience for Microsoft Partners.

Tailored to optimize Microsoft Partners’ interaction



CaddieSwift is a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built on latest technology, tailored to optimize Microsoft Partners’ interaction with the Partner Program. This technical solution combines advanced features, cloud-based computing, and AI-driven guidance to deliver an unparalleled experience for Microsoft Partners.

Technical Features

Azure Cloud Infrastructure

AI-Driven Assistance

Real-time Updates

Dynamic Onboarding

Automated Partner Status Management

Benefit Utilization

Benefits for Microsoft Partners

Scalability and Reliability

Security and Compliance

Global Availability

Advanced AI Guidance

Try CaddieSwift Microsoft Partner Track-map on Azure today and discover a new dimension of efficiency, control, and benefit utilization in the Microsoft Partner Program!

With our ambition and your contribution, we will develop functionality that will make a difference! Be among the first to experience CaddieSwift. Sign up for our exclusive pre-launch program and get special benefits upon official launch!

More control. Less stress. CaddieSwift - Your New Microsoft Partner Navigator!

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